However, Lower body lift surgery is a becoming popular procedure in plastic surgery after bariatic surgery or massive weight loss. So,Dr. Abdul Malik the best cosmetic &plastic surgeon in Lahore deals three groups of patients that can get benefits from Lower Body Lift Surgery or belt lipectomy. Post bariatric mass weight loss patients, 20-30 pound overweight group, normal weight group who desire more dramatic improvement in lower truncal contour. However, these patients can present with different situation like hanging panniculus, ptotic mons pubis, vertical and horizontal skin excess of abdominal skin, lack of demarcation between lower back and buttock, upper back rolls, middle back rolls, lower back rolls.

However, in lower body lift surgery in Lahore the overall circumferential wedge of resection  locates lower onto the lower trunk. Therefore,thigh lift surgery also performes with this. So, it has following advantages

  • Lifting the trunk
  • Very aggressive thigh lift
  • Reduces the amount of surgery that may be sequentially needed on thighs02
  • Lower scar position to  covers by low lying swim/ underwear
  • But it has some disadvantages that can be
  • Blunt the waist in patient
  • Scar violates the buttock unit posteriorly
  • Lack of demarcation between lower back and buttock
  • Bulge over the anterior superior iliac spine in patient with thick panniculi

Belt Lipectomy/ Central Bodylift

Moreover, it has overall more superiorly based wedge of exscion when compared with lower body lift.


However, Following are certainly some more important advantages of  surgery

Firstly-It lifts the trunk

Secondly-Leads to waist narrowing

Thirdly-Improves the buttock contour

Fourthly-Demarcate the lower back from buttock


  • High position of scar out of swim wear / underwear
  • Thigh reduction is not as aggressive

Consequently,  some disadvantages arises in surgery as of above mentions

Patient Evalucation

However, massive weight loss patients present with multiple areas of deformity that include arms , breast , upper back roll , thighs, face and lower trunk with hanging paniculus . After that, detail history of weight  is also very important in evaluation.So, a surgeon takes a Careful history about medical problem lik diabetes , heart problem, high blood pressure , bleeding disorder , smoking , DVT, previous surgery , Bariatric surgery And psychiatric problem. Therefore, following are the important points that are very necessery for the evaluation include:

  • Degree of skin laxity
  • Amount of subcutaneous fat
  • Translation of pull
  • Presence of scar
  • Waist definition
  • Presence of abdominal or back rolls
  • Degree of recti diastasis
  • Presence of hernia
  • Asymmetry
  • Degree of buttock projection and ptosis
  • Degree of anterior and lateral thigh lipodystrophy and ptosis

However,a  surgeon selects an appropriate patient.After that he explains all the procedure of lower body lift surgery  to patient with all detail including outcome and complication . In addition to this  a surgeon advice necessary investigations  for fitness and anaesthesia.

Goal Of Lower Body Lift Surgery Include

  • Elimination of panniculus / flattening the abdomen
  • Elimination of mons pubis ptosis and redundancy
  • Creation of waist definition
  • Lifting the anterior and lateral thighs
  • Elimination of lower back rolls
  • Lifting the buttock
  • Creation of better buttock contour

However,above of all are certainly some goal of lower body lift surgery,so,

a patient need to consult with an experienced and well qualified plastic surgeon


Lower Body Lift Surgery procedure Performs under general anaesthesia. Before it a surgeon makes marking in standing position. After that he completed the Procedure after infiltrating of local anaesthesia on inscion site to decrease bleeding during surgery with less pain post operatively. A surgeon makes dissection and excess skin and also removes the subcutaneous tissue. If needed plication of recti muscle is done. Hemaostasis secured, new position of umblicus made and drain is placed and wound is closed with dressing done and compression garment applied. So,this lower body lift surgery procedure done with its prone position then, supine position and during surgery DVT prophylaxis also done after that

Post Operative Care And Recovery

Firstly,Patient is advised in post operative care not to move themselves or by staff unless completely awake . Secondly, patient is advised to ambulate in way to avoid tension on wound to prevent dehiscence. Thirdly, Folleys Cather removes after 1-2 days. Fourthly, surgeon removes the drains  . Sixthly, pain killer and antibiotics are given .Fifthly, Patient discharges home after 2-3 days .Further for first week patient is ambulated bent at the waist and then allowed to straighten up over next week .After that, activity is restored after 2 week with regular non physical work in 4 week. Moreover, compression garments are continued for 4-6 weeks for better results.So, Initial swelling and bruising are resolved in 1-2 weeks but edema is better in 3 months with more good results in 3-6 months . Finally, contouring is achieved about 1 year post surgery.


As a general rule higher the BMI , higher the complications rate, a best surgeon can minimise all the following complications by good care preoperative , intraoperative and post operative the complication.However, following are certainly, some complications  that may include

  • Bleeding
  • Heamatoma
  • Infection
  • Seroma
  • Wound dehiscence
  • Tissue necrosis
  • DVT
  • Asymmetry
  • 9Scar widening

All of above, complications are in range of 3-10 percent. But certainly,a surgeon can manage in conservative way.

Cost Of Lower Body Lift Surgery In Lahore, Pakistan

In short, variable depending upon conditions and combination of operation/ Range is 150000-300000 rupees.

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