Facelift Surgery

Facelift surgery in Lahore refers to the famous procedure of cosmetic surgery. This treatment aims to improve your facial beauty. It also helps to maintain the aging process. If you want to look younger than your actual age then, this facelift In Lahore surgery procedure works wonders. A surgeon use different methods to perform this treatment. Do you want to know it’s treatment options? How the evaluation is done? How the procedure performs and the cost of Facelift in Lahore etc.? So, continue reading to get answers to your queries!

A surgeon divided facelift surgery into two categories. So, these categories include invasive and non-invasive procedures. Dr. Abdul Malik the best plastic surgeon in Lahore is an expert in providing all kinds of facelift surgery treatments. Before referring to any procedure, Dr. Abdul Malik the best plastic & cosmetic surgeon in Lahore will examine you. He let you know which facelift procedure will best for you.
Firstly he recommends non-surgical methods include fat grafting, fillers, thread lift, and laser. After that, he recommends any of these procedures if the problem is mild or moderate, Secondly he recommends a surgical facelift surgery when the problem is severe. Because, it involves full, mini, and facelift along with neck lift.


In addition to this surgery, the patient needs to visit the Dr.Abdul Malik the Surgical Clinic Lahore, Pakistan. Here he gets a proper evaluation of facelift surgery. He explains the facelift surgery positive and negative aspects to the patient. He also takes the Medical history of the patient. So, this step also includes knowing if the patient is suffering from hypertension, smoking, cardiovascular disease, or any other related health issue.

Facelift Surgery Procedure

However, the treatment of facelift surgery in Lahore‘s performed at surgical clinic Lahore Pakistan. Dr. Abdul Malik the best plastic & cosmetic surgeon in Lahore provides preoperative instructions. In addition to this local anesthesia administers the patient before performing the procedure. He performs the facelift surgery procedure as per the selected method. Therefore, the procedure is done in an outpatient setting. So, have a look at prominent steps!

  1. Marking is done
  2.  Local anaesthesia administers
  3. Incisions make carefully
  4. Dissection is performed
  5. Sutures also makes to close the wound
  6. Dressing
Subsequently, all of above points are certainly some prominent steps of the surgery.

Advantages Of Surgery

There are some advantages of FaceLift Surgery:

  1. Less invasive procedure
  2. Performed under local anaesthesia
  3.  The patient can go home on the same day of surgery
  4. Rejuvenate the face with long-lasting results
  5. The recovery period is not prolong
  6. Performed at affordable cos
  7. Less visible scar
However, all of the above are the certainly some benefits of the surgery.

Side Effects Of Surgery

Main complications of surgery are

  1. Infection
  2. Bruising
  3. Edema
  4. Skin necrosis,
  5. Bleeding
  6. Hematoma

Postoperative Care

Moreover, postoperative instructions for facelift surgery are also important to follow. So, Dr. Abdul Malik the best Cosmetic & plastic surgeon in Lahore provides these instructions to the patient on the basis of a specific issue. The patient should use icepacks to reduce bruising and swelling. A plastic surgeon removes stitches after a week. As a whole, almost 3 to 6 months are enough to get the final results.

Cost Of Surgery

In short, Dr. Abdul Malik the best plastic & cosmetic surgeon in Lahore. In addition to this, he provides surgery in Lahore at a highly reasonable cost. So, The cost ranges from Rs. 1,00000 to Rs. 120,000. Surgery with a neck lift ranges between Rs:35:000. What are you waiting for? In addition to this feel free to contact us anytime. After that, if you have any query, you can certainly contact him because Dr.Abdul Malik the best cosmetic & plastic surgeon in Lahore will entertain you.