A surgeon evaluates both the lower and upper eyelids. In addition to this, the first visit of the patient considers compulsory. Because he evaluates eyelid surgery in this session. Further, he takes a medical history. He also suggests a beneficial method for the patient. Dr. Abdul Malik the best plastic surgeon in Lahore performs this procedure in a careful way. However, it helps to know if the patient is a good candidate for it or not. Finally, the evaluation of eyelid surgery may include enophthalmos, exophthalmos, dry eyes, conjunctivitis, ptosis, etc.



Eyelid surgery in Lahore also knows as blepharoplasty. Dr. Abdul Malik performs it in a very careful way. Local anesthesia administers it before starting. Marking is done after it. After that, a surgeon makes incisions to get rid of underlying fat and additional skin. The sutures also make to complete it. The patient gets a natural appearance and shape. It can be combined with any other procedure for example facelift.



Some possible eyelids surgery complications include decrease movement of the eyelids, bruising, swelling, edema, and double vision. However proper care and the right choice of the surgeon can minimize these complications.



The eyelid surgery stitches are removed after 5 days. The results are outstanding and long-lasting. After the removal of stitches, scar removal treatment is initiated. Well, the final results can be observable after 2 to 3 months.

Cost of Eyelid Surgery

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    The cost of eyelid surgery in Lahore for upper eyelid or blepharoplasty ranges from Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 75,000 thousand. Lower eyelid surgery/ eyebags surgery is between Rs:90:000 to Rs:110,000. However, the cost may differ when it is combined with other procedures. The patient needs to make an appointment to know all the important aspects of it.
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