Breast Reduction Surgery In Lahore

In addition to this, a careful evaluation is necessary before getting a Breast Reduction surgery in Lahore. However clinical visit is essential for the patients. During this session, Dr Abdul Malik presents the complaint. He also gets the details about medical history, expectations of the patient and other essential aspects. Further, the medical history includes hypertension, smoking, heart disease, and diabetes. After that, family history and breast cancer history also assessed during this period. So In this visit, a surgeon performs a physical examination of the patient. After that, vital measurement takes. He discusses details about the breast reduction Lahore surgery procedure, complications, selection of the options, and results.

Techniques And Pedicles Location

The technique recommends based on the size of the breast and other essential aspects. The patient may get it by combining it with another procedure to enhance beauty. Following are various incision tactics.
• Circumareolar Incision is suitable for mild to moderate breast reduction.
• Breast amputation is ideal for more breast reduction.
• Vertical scar technique is useful for fair to a severe decrease.
• Inverted T wise pattern is suitable for sharp breast reduction.
• Superomedial pedicles.
• Pedicles techniques for nipple-areola complex blood supply can be.
• Superior pedicles.
• Inferior pedicles.
• Medial pedicles.

Postoperative Care & Recovery

The following are the main points of postoperative care and recovery:

  1. the patient instructs to keep the head elevated,
  2. specific antibiotics prescribe,
  3. The patient may get back to the home on the same day (depends on the condition),
  4. bruising and swelling may take almost a week to settle,
  5.  After 5 to 7 days, the patient may recommend getting the stitches removed. The patient is not allowed to indulge in any substantial activity for almost two weeks to 1 month after the surgery
  6.  As a whole, 2 to 3 months required to get final results


However, He performs breast enhancement surgery with full confidentiality in Lahore. Dr Abdul Malik, the best plastic surgeon in Lahore, performs this surgery under the preservation of that the patient may not feel any pain. However, the marking makes before the administration of anaesthesia in the standing position. After that, the skin prepares, and incisions are done. The dissection also performs to keep the pedicles safe. Hemostasis is secured, and incisions close with the help of stitches. The procedure ends with dressing.


However, the following are complications:

  1. Hematoma
  2. Bleeding
  3. Change in nipple colour
  4. Swelling
  5. Infection
  6. Asymmetry
  7. Seroma
  8. Puckering
  9. Nipple necrosis
  10. Hypertrophic scar,
  11. Flap necrosis
  12. Altered nipple sensation

However, you can reduce all of the above difficulties of breast reduction surgery in Lahore by choosing the best plastic surgeon.


In short, if you want to know the cost. You must need to visit the clinic of Dr Abdul Malik, the best plastic surgeon in Lahore surgical clinic Pakistan. It is necessary to evaluate the patient before recommending anything. So, Dr Abdul Malik, the plastic surgeon in Lahore, will assess the patient before any idea regarding cost ranges from 150,000 to Rs:165,000.

So Don’t lose this chance to enhance your beauty look gorgeous, and getting your lost confidence back. Finally, move ahead and avail this opportunity now!