In addition to this, the first visit is essential as a plastic surgeon makes an evaluation for breast enlargement or breast surgery in this session. The doctor takes a medical history to know if the breast augmentation procedure will best for the patient or not. After that, the presenting complaints, patient’s concern, expectations of the patient and goals also discuss. Moreover, the history of pregnancy or future planning also discusses with the patient. Therefore, it is important to know if the patient is suffering from hypertension, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease or not. After that, the sample marking makes provide details to the patient. Finally, breast augmentation surgery procedure explains along with possible complications, recovery time, and the results.



Usually, two techniques used for performing the procedure of breast Implants surgery.
Firstly implants – various kinds of implants are available out there. They include round implant, intermediate or high profile implant, saline or silicone implants, and textured implants. Secondly fat grafting–another procedure is fat transfer.



The marking makes in the standing position before starting the actual procedure. During this period, general anesthesia administers so that, the patient may not feel any kind of pain during the breast augmentation surgery procedure. So, fold incision also use to perform the procedure. However, incisions can make in the armpits, around the areolas of nipples, or in the belly button. After that, the pockets also make for insertion of implants. After that, careful insertion of implants, stitches make to close these incisions. Finally, this is how the breast augmentation surgery procedure performs by Dr. Abdul Malik the best cosmetic surgeon in Lahore.

Post Operative Care And Recovery


Postoperative care is necessary to reduce the downtime and recovery time period. Almost 1 week requires to settle bruising and swelling. Therefore, Yoga advises to the patient. Hence, heavy exercise is not allowed for a few weeks. It is advised to make follow-up visits after every 3 to 5 days. As a whole, 3-6 months are required to observe final results. Dr. Abdul Malik the best cosmetic surgeon in Lahore provides specific instructions to every patient on the basis of individual requirements.



There are some complications of breast augmentation:

1) Hematoma
2) Alteration of nipple
4) Bruising
5) Infection
6) Swelling
7) Seroma
However, all of the above complications are less with good care and can be managed conservatively. These are in the range of 3-7 percent.



There are some compications related to implants:

2) Implant malposition
4) Capsular contracture
5) Implant rupture
Certainly, It is possible to reduce these complications in breast augmentation surgery by managing the care routine and following the instructions provided by Dr. Abdul Malik the best plastic surgeon in Lahore.

Complication Related To Implants


There are some complications also :

2) Implant rupture
3) Asymmetry
4) Capsular contracture
5) Implant malposition
However, it is necessary to manage these complications if they arise. So, in the case of neglecting, the implants may require to be removed or changed.

Complications Related To Fat Grafting


Some complicationos related to fat graffting :

2) Oil cyst formation
3) Fat necrosis
Moreover, all of the above are further complications of fat grafting.

Cost Of Breast Augmentation Surgery In Lahore


In short, The cost of breast augmentation surgery in Lahore with silicon implant ranges from Rs. 165,000 to Rs. 190,000 if the procedure is done with implants. On the other hand, for breast augmentation with fat lipofilling method, the cost ranges from Rs. 135,000 to Rs. 155,000.