Most Popular Procedures

  • prp therapy

    PRP Therapy & Hair Loss Treatment in Lahore

    PRP hair loss treatment in Lahore is one of the most preferred procedures. Most of the people are getting PRP Hair Treatment In Lahore because it comes with natural results without any surgery. Further substantial amount of growth factors and cytokines & include in it. Concequently, the growth factors have the capability of providing an increase in the vascularity of tissues, collagen synthesis, tissue regeneration and proliferation.

  • arms lift surgery

    Arm Lift Surgery

    Arm lift surgery in Lahore is the most demanding cosmetic surgery. People are moving towards it because of its outstanding benefits. Have you lost weight? Do you have laxity in your weight? Have you got liposuction? If yes, then you are a good candidate for this treatment. Usually, people who have laxity in the skin of their arms or excessive fat. They want to get arm lift surgery for tight.

  • liposuction

    Liposuction Surgery

    Liposuction In Lahore is a body contouring procedure. Through this surgery a plastic surgeon removes the excess fat from body. It is one of popular cosmetic treatment in Lahore, Pakistan. Fat which is not burnt or dissolve with dieting and exercise is removed by liposuction process. A patient who is not controlling the weight with diet and exercise. They are not good candidates for this surgery. They need to change their lifestyle before and after liposuction.

  • skin whitening

    Skin Whitening

    Skin whitening injections is a well-known and most demanding procedure that is also known as Glutathione injections. The procedure has got fame in the society because of its enormous benefits. Nowadays, people are behind the white and fair skin whitening In Lahore. So, they are looking for ways that can provide them with their desired skin color.Dr. Abdul Malik is providing you the treatment.